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LINN Energy has two core objectives: to provide our clients with financial value in achieving their goals at every stage of the project or business cycle, and to ensure that projects are completed on schedule to the highest standards.

We achieve these objectives through providing our clients with a complete range of specialist services, from feasibility studies to full project delivery, adapting our own service to suit their exacting requirements, clearly defining joint targets and objectives.



Prior to the commencement of any district energy project, it’s essential to establish if the location, the ground conditions, the pipe route, the financial budget, and design all combine to produce a viable project.

This is where LINN Energy’s feasibility study comes in. The feasibility study will define how the district energy project can be accomplished, identifying what risks are involved, any special measures, technology, or building considerations.

Utilising an in-depth knowledge of this market sector, LINN Energy can develop feasibility studies that incorporate all factors that will impact on the project. We ensure the viability of the project by providing the information necessary to make your crucial business and investment decision.

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LINN Energy effectively integrate industry-specific expertise and the clients needs to ensure innovative, conceptual and a reliable working design is achieved acknowledging this as the forefront to crucial business success.

LINN Energy gives sustainable independent, unrivalled design advice, from concept design through to full working design modeling, suited towards your required project outputs offering ecological and environmental solutions aimed at minimizing your energy consumption, carbon emissions and operating cost.

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project delivery

Project Delivery

Ensuring projects are delivered successfully, LINN Energy manages and provides solutions throughout all project stages, with key objectives set for fulfilling programme, cost, quality and safety requirements.

Underpinning the key objectives to successful project delivery are:

  • programme strategy
  • project controls
  • design management
  • site technical supervision
  • logistics management
  • planned preventative maintenance

This enables LINN Energy to design, construct and maintain your complete District Energy Project from the primary heat source to the end user.

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Investment Finance

Investment Finance

A key role in achieving the goal of moving to a low carbon economy is through the delivery of district energy projects. 

To encourage this move LINN Energy has the ability and financial resources to fund and make direct investments in district energy projects

District energy makes practical economic sense as well as achieving environmental objectives bringing increased local investment by freeing up financial resources that would have otherwise been tied up in securing other primary energy resources from other means.

District energy infrastructure can provide a long-term, secure investment opportunity with real sustainable impacts.

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